54 Self-Care Strategies For When You Feel Like You’re Losing Your Shit

I don’t know about you but I need all the self-care strategies I can get with a primary schooler, a toddler, a household to look after and a business. I feel like I’m losing my shit all the time. My toenails haven’t been painted in months, my hair is so long and ratty it looks like a horse’s tail and my legs resemble a forest. But, that’s life and I have to learn to roll with it.

But being able to roll with it means being able to stay sane and avoid overwhelm. There have been many times where I’ve failed miserably, but in failure, I’ve learnt not to let it happen again and so I try to fit in self-care where I can to keep me level-headed.

It’s a balancing act this motherhood and working gig, if we do lose our marbles, what good are we to anybody? If we overwork ourselves and get sick, what good are we to our family? If we’re not in the right headspace, how do we function properly and be present for our kids?

54 Self Care Strategies For When You Feel Like You’re Losing Your Shit
So if you regularly find yourself on the brink of losing your shit too, I’ve got a lovely list of self-care activities to help you move away from that dangerous edge.

54 Self Care Strategies For When You Feel Like You’re Losing Your Shit

1. Cuddle your pet
2. Go out to coffee with a friend
3. Take a mental health day from work (aka a sicky).
4. Read a book
5. Have a D & M with a friend
6. Watch confidence boosting TED Talks
7. Make yourself a cuppa
8. Go for a walk
9. Pick some flowers
10. Don’t be afraid to say no
11. Watch a feel-good movie and enjoy a good laugh.
12. Eat your favourite food
13. Do some exercise
14. Don’t exercise
15. Go to the hairdresser
16. Attend a sacred cacao ceremony
17. Do a massive declutter
18. Donate items to charity
19. Chill and Netflix.
20. Play your favourite music
21. Start a gratitude journal or write in one
22. Have a long hot shower (or cold if you’re somewhere hot)
23. Put on a face mask
24. Have friends or family take the kids for a few hours
25. Now, have a sleep!
26. Go away for a weekend with your partner and stay in a nice hotel
27. Book yourself a massage

self care strategies

28. Book yourself a pedicure
29. Go to the cinemas and watch a movie by yourself
30. Hang out with your mum or your sister
31. Eat cake – don’t feel guilty
32. Eat ice cream – don’t feel guilty
33. Eat chocolate – don’t feel guilty
34. Do some online shopping!
35. Meditate
36. Listen to a Podcast
37. Drink wine
38. Light some candles
39. Grab a colouring book and colour!
40. Turn off your devices
41. Get frocked up and go out with some girlfriends
42. Rearrange a room
43. Write your thoughts out on paper
44. Go for a drive somewhere you’ve never been. Change is good!
45. Paint your nails
46. Go to the beach, watch and listen to the waves.
47. Take a break from the housework. It’s not going anywhere.
48. Visit the library or a bookstore and get lost amongst the books.
49. Go on a date with your partner
50. Buy yourself a new outfit
51. Get takeaway! No cooking.
52. Listen to relaxation music
53. Go for a swim
54. Call a friend

This may just look like a big list of things to do, but in it, there are plenty of self-care strategies that will benefit your body emotionally, physically and psychologically. From endorphin generating exercise and letting off steam with a friend to revitalising power naps and time out to process emotions, self-care is essential for the sanity and productivity of a busy working mum.

What self-care strategies do you like to use? Are there any you could add to this list?

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54 Self-care Strategies and Self-Care tips


Eva Lewis (The Multitasking Woman)

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Eva Lewis (The Multitasking Woman)

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  1. February 23, 2017 / 12:25 am

    31. Eat cake – don’t feel guilty
    32. Eat ice cream – don’t feel guilty
    33. Eat chocolate – don’t feel guilty

    You are a goddess, thank you for liberating me!