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Operation ‘Brighten My Home’: 6 Quick Fixes

Operation ‘Brighten My Home’

Operation 'brighten my home'
Now that the cooler weather is on the way and I’ll (hopefully) stop feeling like I’ve stepped out of a sauna, I’m really keen to brighten my home with some ‘spring autumn cleaning’ and a touch of DIY interior design. I’m hoping it will be good for my soul and that I get that buzz I normally do when I’ve cleaned my entire house and it’s gleaming. 

The only thing when it comes to giving my house a ‘touch of interior design’, is the budget. I don’t have a huge one and so won’t be able to go out and buy loads of new pieces. BUT, there is a way I think I can bring the sparkle back and give it a new lease on life without it costing me the earth.  Here’s what I think I might do: 


Paint is the ultimate quick makeover master. At the moment, the parts of our house that haven’t been renovated are this outdated yellow colour and I’m just desperate to put a fresh coat of paint on them. The colour chart at Farrow and Ball have me inspired to take a bit of a different path  to what I’d normally pick, I want to create a sense of warmth in my little workers cottage. 

yukky yellow walls

How the walls are now

The colour I would love

The colour I would love – Image Credit: Farrow and Ball


So, my lounge room is one room in particular that I feel doesn’t have enough cohesion. It’s at the front of the house and the first room people see when they walk in. We also spend a lot of time there. I’m thinking I will give the room a more cohesive look by selecting two different colours that are contrasting and will then use them repeatedly to bring some consistency. I can’t wait to get a load of pillows, throws and matching accessories from Kmart, I just love a good Kmart hack!


Apparently less is more when it comes to accessories. Too much and you risk your room ending up looking cluttered and untidy (my lounge in it’s current state). I think what I’m going to do is take all of my accessories down, place them in a box and then try to put them back again one by one. I’m hoping that doing it this way will allow me to get a fresh perspective, decide on accessories that need to stay in the box and to see where different accessories make the highest impact.


Every time I sit in my lounge room I look up at the ghastly chandelier hanging from the ceiling. It was there when we bought the house and is just really cheap looking. I’ve been looking at pages like Quorum Salento Chandeliers,   trying to imagine what type of light fitting would look good, especially considering the early 1900’s period of my home and the original pressed tin design on the ceiling (how gorgeous is it?).  When it comes to lighting for our bedroom, though, I’m considering going for a more minimal look and using plain white shades for the side table lamps.

cheap chandelier

Current lighting in a really cheap looking gold tone.



The lighting I’d prefer. A similar style, quite possibly in more of a silver finish – Image credit: Quorum Salento Chandeliers

Update furniture

With a baby on the way in July, I have done absolutely nothing with what is currently the TV/Junk room which will be her nursery. There is one piece of furniture in there, a tall boy, in a horribly dated timber that I want to give an update to fit the nursery them. I plan to paint it with my favourite Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, replace the handles and perhaps find some gorgeous wallpaper for the front of the drawers. I’m a huge fan of upcycling old furniture, it’s so easy to change a piece with a simple coat of paint!  And the theme? Well, Shabby chic is still bang on trend, one of my favourite trends actually, and I reckon it will be a piece of cake to achieve.  

the junk room

the tall boy

The tallboy currently…drab.

tallboy upcycle

What I’d love to transform it into – Image credit: Hey Bernice

Fix the bathroom

Our bathroom is okay but definitely not the best room in the house. I plan to update floor mats and towels with something fresh and colourful to breathe some new life into the room, but that’s the least of my worries. It’s the grouting that makes me cringe. Unfortunately, the previous owner did a pretty poor job with the tiling and the grouting is a pain in the arse to keep clean. I’m going to consider using a grouting pen to make it light and white again..fingers crossed!

It definitely doesn’t have to cost you a fortune to give your home a little facelift.  All it takes is a little effort and some creative thinking. Now I just need the motivation!

How have you given your home a facelift on a budget? 

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  1. March 6, 2016 / 1:34 pm

    We bought orange and turquoise towels for the kids bathroom – makes such an impact against the charcoal and white tiles, and cheap to change when you want a new look. I’ve heard great things about grout pens and want to use one on our toilet floor tiles!