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6 Ways To Ditch The Floordrobe For The Wardrobe

How to get your wardrobe under control


I used to be good at maintaining my wardrobe then something happened between then and now.  Most days my wardrobe is actually a floordrobe. If I were to tally up the minutes I’ve spent sifting through piles of clothes on my floor, on my bed, hanging over ladders and chairs, I’ve wasted a considerable amount of time.

It’s time to put some minimalist living tips in place and purge!

Limited storage space is no excuse

We live in an old workers cottage which provides limited storage space, but that is really no excuse for not having some sort of control over my wardrobe in terms of organisation. I will be mortified if anyone comes over and opens my wardrobe. You’re likely to have things fall out on top of you, see shoes stuffed in here and there and a mish mash of clothes hung in no apparent order and drawers stuffed to the brim.

It doesn’t help that I’m sort of in-between clothes sizes either. On one hand, I’ve got pre-pregnancy clothes I keep hanging in my wardrobe in the hope that I will fit them again in 9 months time but then I’ve also got my bigger clothes that I have to wear now. So I’ve got lots of clothes and very little storage space.

The clutter means the fun and positive energy disappears from the process of getting dressed in the morning. Instead of standing in front of my wardrobe selecting from a neatly organised selection of clothes and accessories, I’m rummaging through piles of clothes. By the time I find something decent to wear I’m over it and I don’t feel confident in what I’m wearing at all. By the time I do get dressed it’s almost always a feeling of, “that’ll have to do.”

So, in my quest to regain control of my wardrobe so I can experience that same feeling you get when you put on a new outfit, I’ve put together a bit of an “Operation Wardrobe Control” plan.

1. Purge, purge, purge.

This is going to be scary because of the sheer amount of stuff I know will come out of my wardrobe but also because I’m a shocker at letting things go and decluttering. But even so, I’m going to pull everything out of my wardrobe, sort through it and get rid of as much stuff as possible – either keep, donate or bin.

But how to decide which to donate or bin? This is the tricky bit and I’m going to have to be ruthless. I need to set a rule. The clothes I keep need to:

  1. Fit
  2. Make me feel confident
  3. Suit my new post-baby body shape
  4. Be in good condition
  5. Clothes that I wear regularly

Going by these rules will mean that a lot of my pre-pregnancy clothing will have to go but I figure it can be a bit of an incentive to lose baby weight and buy new clothes. Who knows, I might even enlist the help of a personal shopper because I’m certainly no fashionista!

2. Get hooked up

I did hang my clothes over an old ladder in our bedroom but that ladder has since been turned into a pot ladder, hence the reason why my wardrobe is now a floordrobe. To avoid the temptation of throwing stuff on the floor, I’m considering installing some hooks on the wall so if I am in a hurry and am tempted to just add to the floordrobe, I can hang it on a hook instead. It’ll certainly look tidier.

3. Better shoe storage

In my wardrobe, I have a vertical shoe hanger thingy. It’s a great idea but my problem is that I have more shoes than spaces in the shoe hanger. Quite a large number of my shoes are strappy sandal type shoes and so buying a stylish box or basket to throw these casual shoes in is the most practical option. At the moment I’m loving the Kmart seagrass baskets. You can see them all done up in my Kmart hacks post.

4. Box the soft stuff

The few drawers I have are stuffed to the brim and no better than the clothes pile on my floor. As with the casual shoes, a stylish basket or box is perfect to throw in soft items like scarves, gym gear or anything that won’t crinkle.

5. Labels

The problem with me is that I tend to just shove something where there’s space without really considering the organisation aspect. In my wardrobe I have various handbags and clutches stuffed all around, some scarves hanging and others stuffed in a box. By grouping items and giving them all their little spot in a labelled box, I’ll definitely become more organised.

6. Vacuum bags

These are wonderful storage tools and I don’t know why I haven’t used them more often. My winter clothes don’t get much of a run living in Queensland and take up more space than they’re worth. I plan to throw all my winter clothes, including jackets, into the vacuum bags and store them elsewhere. This will free up a huge amount of hanging space and I definitely won’t need any of the clothing for quite some time.

Once done, I’m going to stand back and appreciate my wardrobe.

I’m 100% certain that after I organise my wardrobe my confidence will return and getting dressed will become more enjoyable. It’s likely I’ll also gain a few clues into my style by being able to clearly see patterns and colours in the pieces I’ve kept.  It’s very hard to determine a pattern when I grab clothes from a pile on the floor!

What’s your wardrobe situation like? Do you have a floordrobe like I do? 

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  1. November 27, 2016 / 7:13 pm

    Well we’re on the same side, being organize is not truly an obsession tho.