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Fly Babee Airline Bassinet and Stroller Cover Review

Fly Babee (now branded CoziGo) Pram Cover Review

The Fly Babee (now branded CoziGo) has solved a couple of concerns of mine.

Firstly, ever since reading that using a muslin wrap to cover my pram could be fatal, I’ve been second guessing myself doing it but haven’t really found a good alternative.

Then there was the recent ‘brain fart’ moment I had where I was literally one push of a button away from booking a flight to San Diego to visit my sister and her family. A trip with just me, Master E and Miss M (4 year old and 12 week old). Who was I kidding? I panicked. I cancelled.

How does the Fly Babee solve my two predicaments?

Firstly, the Fly Babee has solved my concerns about covering Miss M’s pram with a muslin wrap to block out the sun. It gets damn hot here in Brisbane and when I tried the Fly Babee pram cover, I was pleasantly surprised.

At first, I was a little apprehensive as to whether it would fit our iCandy Strawberry pram properly with its universal fit.  To my surprise, it did perfectly and it was really easy to put on while I had an impatient four year old wanting to leave for kindergarten.



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Flybabee Sleep Easy Pram Cover

The Fly Babee as a Sun Cover

Looks can be deceiving. Of course many would think a black cover would be really bad in the sun, but as I kept checking during our walk, the internal temperature was very comfortable. The Fly Babee blocks 97% of light,  has a UPF 50+ and small holes over the entire cover allowing airflow.

The Fly Babee cover is 100% breathable and has airflow holes over the cover as well as zips and openings in various locations to put baby in and out and have a quick sticky beak.

There are also simple clips on the cover to aid in attaching the cover to bassinets and strollers and a pocket for your smartphone so you can play calming music or white noise to get bub to sleep.

Flybabee Bassinet and Pram Cover

The Fly Babee as an airline bassinet cover

So you’re probably wondering what the flying part has to do with it?

Well, it’s because the Fly Babee is also a sleep-easy cover for airline bassinets. When I did consider flying with two children by myself, this was one thing I was confident with. I’d have a Fly Babee to as an airline bassinet cover to block out the cabin light, TV light, exit and toilet signs to create a comfortable sleeping environment. I would be able to check on Miss M through the silent magnetic opening without waking her and pissing off the entire plane!

To be honest, it was the whole traipsing with two children and luggage through LA airport that freaked me out the most.

Flybabee Airline Bassinet Cover
There’s only one con I have about the Fly Babee, and it’s more likely because I’m a complete noob when it comes to folding up bendy things.

I found it hard to fold the Fly Babee back up. It comes in a small round zip up carry bag which is 25cm in diameter. Do you think for the life of me I could get the Fly Babee perfectly folded back into a circle to put back in this bag? No, I couldn’t. It now remains in the boot of my car but it’s not bulky and is lightweight so it doesn’t get in the way.

I have a mental list of baby must-haves that I’ve come up with over the last few years and the Fly Babee has definitely been added. Actually, I think it deserves to be on my ‘8 Baby Products I’m Loving Right Now’ list. Not only is it a sun cover, it’s a sleep cover as well.

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Disclosure: I was gifted a Fly Babee for the purpose of providing an honest review. You can read my disclosure policy here.

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